Vehicle Lease vs Buy

This tool helps vehicle shoppers compare estimates of the total financial costs of leasing or buying a car throughout the duration of the contract. This tool figures both the direct costs of financing as well as indirect costs of depreciation & lost interest on money spent upfront. The table underneath the calculator lists current locally available auto loan rates for new & used vehicles.

Description (A) Lease: (B) Loan: Advice
Purchase price:
Sales tax rate:
Cash Down payment:
Net Trade-in allowance:
Term (in months):
Interest rate (APR):
Monthly payment:
Security deposit:
Estimated resale value:
Annual Savings Interest Rate:
% Depreciation By Year
1 2 3 4 5
6 7 8 9 10
Description (A) Lease: (B) Loan: Advice
Monthly payment:
Total of payments:
Total interest expense:
Net upfront expenses:
Depreciation expense:
Forgone Interest earnings:
Total cost:
Average cost per year:


Auto Loan Rates


Lease or Buy.