Credit Card Comparison Calculator

Are you considering obtaining a new credit card while being overwhelmed at the number of options available? If so, this tool can help you figure out which card best suits your needs based upon any annual fees, long-term interest rates, introductory rate specials and compounding periodicity. Simply enter your details for each card including the payment amount, the balance & the terms for each card. The calculator will then used fixed payments to help you figure the full cost of each of the cards. If you ever pay lower amounts than what you enter then your actual costs may vary. For cards without any introductory teaser rate please leave the associated field blank.

Old Credit Card Input Amount
Initial Credit Card Balance:
Your Monthly Payments:
Must be greater than monthly interest charge
Compare Card Costs Card #1 Card #2
Optional Annual Fee:
Optional Introductory Rate:
Optional Introductory Rate Term (months):
Regular Annual Interest Rate:
Cmpounding Frequency:
Payments Untill Balance Paid Off:
Total Interest Expense:


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