Paycheck Wage Conversion Calculator

This calculator is a quick & easy way to estimate your gross paycheck, or to convert the money earned in any periodic term into the equivalent amount in other common terms. For exmaple, you can enter your hourly wages & figure out the weekly or biweekly gross paychecks associated with that hourly wage. Or if you are paid a fixed salary per year you can enter that amount and quickly convert it into the equivalent amount earned per hour.

You may also find our "real wage" calculator helpful for figuring out how much you make after many of the hidden costs of employment are accounted for.

Please note, for the sake of simplicity this tool shows gross pre-tax numbers rather than net numbers, as the tax code is rather complex & is expected to change significantly in the coming years. In addition, different states and municipalities have different taxes on various types of income.

Wage Amount to Convert:
The Above Wages Are Earned Per:
Hours Per Workweek:


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