Estimate Your Real Wages After Work-related Expenses

At the end of each week or month many people wonder where all the money went. Ordinary living expenses and taxes take a big bite out of each paycheck for most Americans. But there are also other hidden costs of employment like the commute to work, working attire, office gifts & dining out. This calculator lets you see what you take home each hour after accounting for all the hidden expenses.

We also offer a simplified paycheck converter tool which enables you to convert hourly earnings or paycheck amounts into the equivalent earnings across different time periods.

Take Home Pay

Take Home Pay Per Period:
Pay Periods Per Year:

Time Allocated to Work

Workdays Per Pay Period:
Paid Hours Per Workday:
Unpaid Break Time Per Day (minutes):
Daily Commute (minutes):
Daily Time Preparing for Work:

Unreimbursed, Work-Related Expenses

Daily Miles Driven:
Calculator Estimates a Cost of 56 cents Per Mile.
Other Transportation Costs Per Workday:
Fares, Tolls, Parking, etc.
Daycare Expenses Per Pay Period:
Or entire daycare cost if not working would eliminate it.
Food Expenses Per Workday:
Calculator Counts Cost at 66% of Purchase Amount.
Unreimbursed Monthly Work-related Clothing Expenses:
Union Dues Per Paycheck:
Monthly Office Gifts (birthdays, showers, etc.):

Your Results

Monthly Take Home:
Monthly Work-Related Expenses:
Monthly Net-Profit:
Monthly Work-Related Hours:
Real Hourly Wage:

Money to Time Conversion

Enter Purchase Price of Item You Want:
Include sales-tax & any finance charges.
Based on your real hourly wage, you would have to work the following number of hours to afford that purchase:


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